As a huge fan of Bing, I wanted to archive the consistently excellent and publicly available Bing picture of the day in some way for reference and educational purposes. I developed this site for fun as a student as a way to teach myself programming. Bing also makes many of the main images (there are often country specific versions with one image being the main/backup one) featured depending available for download at http://www.bing.com/gallery/ which has a really nice layout.

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    1. Related issue. The images other than 1920×1200 are without title or copyright info and none will have added Bing info on the image. I have decided to only keep one size of the images. I am a collector of related objects since little more than a toddler. I’ve given away all the ‘valuable stuff’. How may I give back to this site images with title and copyright info in the Properties for others to have in the image downloaded? It would be an enhancement. It would also take a programmer; which I am not, to confirm and swap photos as appropriate to avoid thousands of manual interactions. Then there is the option of adding the Smart Phone sized 1366×768 images too. I would need a reply to my email from the owner of this site only; not wanting to duplicate this work so well done.

      1. Hi Jonah, that is an excellent idea and I appreciate the amazing offer. At this time, I’m stopping updates to the site. Know though that your encouragement and offer go a long way so I can only say, thank you.

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