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Thank You

As I say in the About page, I’m a big fan of Bing and their daily wallpapers. The new background images are something I look forward to seeing every day. However, I’m going to be stopping updates to the site. It’s been a lot of fun getting it up and running and maintaining it over time but I feel it’s served it’s purpose of teaching me programming skills and how to maintain a site. Thank you very much for your support as it’s been an enjoyable journey and learning experience. I recommend, the official gallery, as a good resource moving forward. Cheers.

Bing Australia / Brasil / Canada (English) / 中国 (China) / Deutschland / France / UK / भारत (India) / US, 2017-03-27 [1920×1080] & [1080×1920]

Dongdaemun Design Plaza à Séoul, Corée du Sud (© Grant Faint/Offset)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza em Seul, Coreia do Sul (© Grant Faint/Offset)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea (© Grant Faint/Offset)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Südkorea (© Grant Faint/Offset)

首尔东大门设计广场,韩国 (© Grant Faint/Offset)

Bing Australia / Brasil / Canada (English) / 中国 (China) / France / UK / भारत (India) / 日本 (Japan) / US, 2017-03-27 [1920×1080] & [1080×1920]

「ニューヨーク大学哲学科」米国, ニューヨーク市 (© Alex Fradkin/Gallery Stock)

Escada no edifício do Departamento de Filosofia da Universidade de Nova York, Estados Unidos (© Alex Fradkin/Gallery Stock)

Escalier dans le département de philosophie de l’université de New York, États-Unis (© Alex Fradkin/Gallery Stock)

Stairwell in the Department of Philosophy building of New York University, New York City (© Alex Fradkin/Gallery Stock)

纽约大学哲学系大楼的楼梯,美国纽约 (© Alex Fradkin/Gallery Stock)

Bing Worldwide, 2017-03-19 [1920×1200] & [1920×1080] & [1080×1920]

An ice tunnel inside Matanuska Glacier, Alaska (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)

Eistunnel im Matanuska-Gletscher, Alaska, USA (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)

Túnel de gelo dentro da Geleira Matanuska, Alasca, Estados Unidos (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)

Tunnel de glace à l’intérieur du glacier Matanuska, Alaska, États-Unis (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)

Un tunnel de glace à l’intérieur du glacier de Matanuska en Alaska (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)

马他奴思卡冰川里的冰隧道,阿拉斯加州 (© Lynn Wegener/Offset)